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Bring some adrenaline in your holidays! Take a drive in the karting center close to Caesar Resort – feel the taste of victory in competitive racing! No need Driving licence or experience, it’s safe exciting entertainment for kids from 7 y.o. and adults.


For those who can’t imagine vacation without relaxing and at the same moment breathtaking attraction we offer fishing – the most popular entertainment at the island. Cyprus is a real paradise for experienced fishers and beginners, you can find here such kinds of freshwater fish as roach, silver bream, mullet, perch, carp, tench, catfish and more than 260 kinds of sea fish.

Traktor Safari

Tractor safari is a great choice for people who want to see as much as possible, to visit the most hidden corners of virgin nature of Northern Cyprus, to discover history and traditions of the island and enjoy speed and adventures of tractor safari. The most pictures quest views of mountains and waterfalls, sea and forests, fascinating architecture of old villages and open smiles of hospitable Cypriot people will fill your trip with unforgettable emotions.

Horse riding
Add new colors to your vacation! Horse club opens its doors for children and adults. What could be better than horse riding by picturesque cost of Mediterranean sea or in the highlands? Spectacular family tour will bring you glorious experience of horse riding, walking, feeding and caring. A long ago scientists found out that even short communication with these noble animals can heal the soul and body and bring live-giving energy for new achievements.
Yacht tour
Catch a wind at our enthralling yacht tour! Discover charming beauty of Cyprus from the board of comfortable yacht – you definitely will be amazed by the endless aquamarine blue of the sea and white sandy beaches, magic atmosphere of the sea caves and greatness of the medieval fortresses. Don’t forget your swimming suit to take a swim in a crystal water of a cozy bays during the stops. The yacht is well-equipped for safe and comfortable stay and provide variety of trips – group tours, private tours, events, parties, fishing – whatever you would like to take in.
Jet ski
Hydrocycle or aqua bike or jet ski – there are all the names of the most extreme activity that make it must do for speed lovers. Jet ski riding will bring you energy boost and feeling of speed, space and freedom! You can enjoy riding at the scenic beachside alone or share the bright sensations with a friend. For adults only, after safety briefings.
Have a jolly time at the banana riding! This noisy and fun watersport is perfect for families with children and friends companies. Banana shaped inflatable boat with a group of people on it moves on the sea after a speedboat or jet ski at high speed. Try your luck to hold on it – sharp turns of leading boat attempt to drop the passengers into the water. Safety jackets are provided.
Scuba diving
If you were always wondered what underwater is we offer you to discover magic world of depths beauty with SCUBA-diving tour. SCUBA-equipment allows the diver to breathe freely while under water and feel like a part of the underwater universe, discovering a new face of life and touch the riddles of the water kingdom.
Have a superb time with your friends! Paintball is a garantee of finest mood, the way of getting a charge of adrenaline and endorphins. This is an active group game which makes you think and act quickly hitting your opponents with a paintball shot from pneumatic weapon and leaving a victorious mark on the defeated enemy. This is a game for everyone regardless of gender or age where you can use your skills, concentration, reaction and tactics which are the most important things in this game.
Bread Baking
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Open up the sky of Cyprus with a hot air balloon tour! Experience the most romantic adventure in the pink sunlight at the sunrise or sunset time. The different colours of the figurative landscape will leave you breathless. You will get an unforgettable ballooning ride with our expert pilots.
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